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22 November 2012

this model is my son




I put up the Hong Kong long sketches yesterday on Facebook, USK blog and flickr. Today I was shock to see the flickr traffic shoot up to around 1500 viwers in a single day. I also received enquiry about this guy who appeared a few times in my sketches. He is my 17-year-old tall and skinny son who traveled with me to Hong Kong from 10 to 14 Nov 2012. This is Lee Lip Jiang in the boarding lounge at Changi Airport doing what most teenagers do, looking, playing, typing, listening to his iPhone all the time.

You can see the details of the long sketchbook on my flickr.

04 August 2012

Penang Day One

My second ink and watercolour piece. Love Lane was the street where the sketchers were staying. A charming street with all the old and newly renovated shophouses. The weather was so hot that we were all hiding in the shade sketching.

22 June 2012

on the plane

120615_tigerairways1 120615_tigerairways2 120618_tigerairways
It can be very bored on the plane. I did two sketches from Singapore to Hong Kong and one more on our way back. I quite like the last one when the baby was fast asleep in his mother's arms.

12 May 2012

Inside the plane

120504_plane 120506_plane On my way to and fro Hong Kong. It was the first time that my husband and I were taking Tiger Airways from Budget Terminal. The experience was quite pleasant. We paid for food and drink on the plane. The top one was done on Muji Sketchbook and the bottom one was a travel sketchbook handmade by Ketta Linhares whom I met in Lisbon last July.

03 August 2011

OYO in Cambodia

A few sketches I did in the City of Angkor in Cambodia 2 weeks ago. Most epic location I've explored and sketched in my life !! :)

24 April 2011

trip to Suzhou mostly

Not suzhou, but our mrt...

Went to East coast over the long weekend

Bicyles in Suzhou

Japanese restaurant in Suzhou

Italian restaurant in Suzhou

Airport people

Went for a short business trip to Suzhou and most of the time, i was in the office, except for lunch and dinner.. wish I have more time to take in the scenes there as Suzhou is known to be the venice of the east.. i heard

19 April 2011

Melaka Town

The view of the Melaka skyline from my hotel window. Melaka remains charming simply because life is simple. Shophouses are still shophouses. Hopefully, they don't get rebuilt into modern buildings without souls. Hopefully also it's UNESCO-protected status will see that it remains that way.

Tanquerah Mosque, Melaka

This mosque in Melaka was where Singapore's Sultan Hussein's remains were interred. His `kramat' (tomb) is located in one corner of the compound. It is housed in a pavillion and is very well-maintained, complete with the history of the Sultan in Singapore - definitely a must for history students.

Medan railway yard

The railway yard in Medan has seen better days but it was charming nevertheless. One gets almost `transported' to the past just watching the trains in operation complete with manually-controlled signals and tracks.

Medan Post Office interior

This was the octagonal main hall I was referring to. Stained glass murals below the arches were abstracts of local sceneds. The architectural detailing was strong, almost fascist with bold vertical columns spanning the arches.

Medan Post Office

I thought this Dutch building was one of the most interesting buildings in the city. The main hall was an octagon with service counters located in 2 wings attached to the octagon.

Tjong A Fie Mansion airwell

This is the airwell in the Tjong A Fie Mansion. It follows exactly the same feng-shui configuration in Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang. Because there are no mountains or hills behind the house to block the outflow of wealth, a split-level was created after the airwell to simulate the hill/mountain. Airwells are important as they allow water (wealth) to flow into the house.

Tjong A Fie Mansion

Tjong A Fie Mansion in Medan, Sumatra. Tjong A Fie was a Hakka migrant who made good in Sumatra in the 19th century. By co-incidence, I found out that he was the cousin of Cheong Fatt Tze (The Blue Mansion) of Penang, another successful pioneer in South East Asia.

03 April 2011

Hong Kong trip

I was supposed to go Tokyo for a holiday but have to go Hong kong instead

Singapore airport terminal- always a good place for people watching before the departure

I took a ferry to Macau too and everyone ogle at the ruins of Saint Paul

A quiet off beaten street in Macau

Macau has alot of ugly looking casinos, most of them in colors of gold

Macau building , off the main street

Lantau island-"path of wisdom and "ta o"- a fishing village

The giant buddha and cable car

"Da O"- traditional fishing village in Lantau

Impressions of Hong kong

Impressions of hongkong

Lanma island- where chow Yuen Fatt was born, according to the tourist brochure I read. It's also where the only huge wind turbine is located

Heritage trail to a old temple

Tsim Sha Tsui

07 March 2011

Nepal series

Alleyway, Bhaktapur

View from my window, Nagarkot

Shiva shrine, Lalitpur

Swambhu Temple, Kathmandu