25 April 2014


The book of sketches that I've been working on for too long is finally out! Self-published, off-set printed on the best papers I could find and with flaps, this 64 page, slightly bigger than A5 size, black and white book contains some of my favourite b/w sketches created between 2008 and 2014. You will find drawings from my daily life wherever I went because I always brought my sketchbook and pens with me. Friends I hang out with, food I ate, my neighbourhood and even my army drawings are in this book.

These pages also contain notes/stories about each drawing, entirely written by my own hand. And not just notes but also some essential "secret" drawing tips that I abide by. It's a book of urban sketches but from a more personal perspective. Oh and of course, I also wrote about my fountain pens which I am always crazy about.

The books will be sold at a higher price at bookstores down the week. But just for the Urbansketchers group on 26 Apr 2014 at the Kinokuniya sketchwalk, I will be offering these book for just $10. (Roughly the price of a Carl's Jr burger which you would finish in 10 minutes! Maybe less. It's worth it!)

If you'd want me to bring a book for you at the Kinokuniya sketchwalk, please put your name under the comments section either in the Urbansketchers Singapore facebook page or under this post.