23 October 2014

Homemade smooth yellow paper sketchbook

Carrying thick sketchbooks in my bag usually strains my shoulders. And I find that I only use up 2-3 pages during an outing. So I started making my own A5 sketchbooks with less paper. They are small enough to put in my bag and also light. I also wanted good paper. So I would go to the paper suppliers and try to find the most suitable papers for drawing. Then I would staple bind them and put it through my trimming machine at home.

My latest sketchbook uses 200gsm yellow paper. It's called Vellum. This time, I wanted a paper that was smooth enough for pencils and also able to take watercolour washes. Take note that this is not watercolour paper so don't expect watercolour paper qualities. But it can take light washes as you can see if my drawings. The paper is also thick enough so it does not buckle much. The yellow paper also gives a nice overall warmer tone to your drawings.

21 October 2014


Sketch by Parka

Meet: 9AM, Raffles City shopping centre, outside Starbucks (take exit A, go up the escalator and you are there). We will have a short briefing then start our sketchwalk:

1st location:  Raffles hotel (915AM- 10AM)
2nd location: Seah St and/or Purvis St (10AM- 11AM) 
3rd location: The National library building (11AM- 12PM) Sketch this building from a lower angle or go to a higher level and sketch what you see out the window.

End point: Gather at 12PM. Steps outside Hans cafe at the National Library building.

Timing for the locations are only a suggestion. Feel free to roam and mix it up if you wish.
Go around and explore the 127 yr old Raffles hotel inside out.
Some background info on Seah St can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XamUN6GmCc
If you venture to Purvis St, look out for the 74 yr old chicken rice restaurant called Yet Con.
Along North Bridge Road, say hi to our friendly art supply store, Straits Art Co.
(Thanks to George Huang for the information tips.)

The National Library has been notified of our activities and they encourage us to sketch at these following locations. Of course, do be discreet and do not disturb the other patrons.

1. Central Public Library, Basement 1 (Children’s Section/Bamboo Garden)
2. Lee Kong Chian Reference Library (L7 – 11. Specially highlighting Level 11)
3. Courtyards (Outdoor garden at L5 and L10)

4. Corridors along the building

Anyone one can join the sketchwalks. All skill levels welcome. Just bring your own art materials. No attendance or fees will be collected. If you are late, just follow the route and you won't miss us.

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28 September 2014

Circular Rd Sketchwalk video

Here's the video from September 2014's sketchwalk at Circular Road.

25 September 2014


Above sketch by Tia

For this month's sketchwalk, we will meet at the bus stop outside The Central at 9AM (see map). After a short briefing, we will cross the road and walk through Upper Circular Road and then through Circular road. Take your time to draw what you wish. There will be shophouses, watering holes and cafes along the way. We encourage you to take your own detours. If you prefer to walk along the river, go ahead. But please take note that at 12PM we will all gather again outside the UOB Plaza along the Singapore river (see map).

If you come later, no problem. Just walk along the route in the map and you will find us. Look for people drawing along the side of the road.

Everybody is welcome. No permission to join or attendance to be taken. Just show up during the time stated. See you all there.

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17 September 2014

Looking Closely at Things exhibition at LATENT SPACES, Haw Par Villa

Latent Spaces will be holding an exhibition on 20 Sep 2014, 1pm, at Haw Par Villa featuring the sketches from Urban Sketchers Singapore, and other artworks.

There are still life drawing sessions featuring mystical figurines from Haw Par Villa's 'sculpture cemetery. Should be fun.

Check out more details at on the Facebook Invite page and Latent Spaces facebook page.

30 August 2014

Haw Par Villa sketchwalk video

Here's the video of today's sketchwalk at Haw Par Villa for those who missed it.

I can see everyone's having fun at Haw Par Villa today. Some mentioned it was their first time visiting the place. After it closed down. I thought the park no longer exists. When I went back a few months ago to discover that it's still around, I was quite shocked. Even more shocked was to see that the statues and diorama are actually repainted.

It's a very interesting place to sketch as there are lots of things to sketch. And colours are everywhere, and that could be quite a challenge to portray in your sketch.

FYI, there are mosquitoes there.

More photos on my blog

26 August 2014


 Above sketch by Parka

We have voted and the location for this month is the Haw Par Villa theme park. If you aren't familiar, read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haw_Par_Villa. To get there, take the circle line to the Haw Par Villa circle line station located just across the road. It's the 3rd stop after Buona Vista Stn.

We will meet at 9AM sharp on the other side of the overhead bridge at the entrance of the park. (See map). We will have a short briefing and then head in to draw, free and easy. At 12PM sharp we will gather at a location that we will announce on that day itself. Take note of the time and don't get left behind in the Ten Courts of Hell.

There might be mosquitoes at Haw Par Villa, so take the necessary precautions. Good mosquito spray, long sleeves. I heard that mosquitoes like dark blue or something. Well do what you must to protect yourself!

Have your breakfast beforehand as I don't know of any food places around the park. For lunch, you can hop on the train to the next station, Pasir Panjang Stn. There is a pretty decent hawker centre just beside station.

See you all there! Everyone is invited, regardless of skill level. No attendance or fees. Just show up on time. If you do somehow get lost, please contact 91070735. But please call only if absolutely necessary. It will be easy to spot the Urbansketchers there. Just approach anyone drawing.

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31 July 2014


For those who missed the previous one, you have one FINAL chance to sketch INSIDE the Kinokuniya Main Store. This adhoc sketchwalk will happen on 8th August which is in conjunction with the main store's 15th anniversary and also the national day celebrations. There will be special activities happening during the day and while we sketch. So you will have lots to draw.

This main store, which many of us grew up with, will move to a smaller space (in the same building) this November. It will still be Kino. But it won't be the same, if you know what I mean. If that does not entice you, maybe this will: AAAAAIIIIR- CON!! So if you want to sketch the inside of Kinokuniya, you are invited to join us at:

START TIME: 10AM, 9 AUG 2014 (National day)

PLACE: Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City level 3, Crossroads (middle of the store)
We will hand out tags that all sketchers have to wear so that we can be identified by customers and the staff. We will have a quick briefing and then spread throughout the store to draw. Do come a little earlier so that we won't have to wait for everyone and cause a jam in the store.

At 1PM sharp we will meet outdoors at the walkway (Street level) between Takashimaya and Wisma Atria. You should start leaving the store at 12:50PM. Look around for sketchers who are exiting and follow them down. There, we will have our "show and tell". And then have lunch. If you are lost, call 91070735.


1. We are sketching on National Day and the store is expecting many customers, so please be extra mindful not to block any walkways or any customers who are browsing books. Bookstore customers can be very particular about such things, so let's avoid any complaints. Let's allow the store to operate smoothly while we are there.

2. You will need to stand or lean against things to draw. No sitting on floors or steps allowed.

3. Bring art materials that will allow you to draw without mess. No big easel & stool set-up as it will take up too much space and obstruct traffic. Also, As books are made of paper, we want to avoid any ink or paint splatters on them.

4. You will be given a tag to wear. Please wear it prominently. It is more for the customers to see that you are on official business and not just a random street sketcher.

5. Do not clump together in a group when in the store. It's a big store, so spread out so that we do not block any walking spaces in the store. Main rule is to keep the customers at the store happy:) With that, it should be an enjoyable sketchwalk for all.

6. Avoid crowding outside of the store. The Ngee Ann City security guards will probably chase you away. So when drawing outside the store, do it discreetly. Don't draw attention to yourselves.

27 July 2014

Colour Pencils sketches

All these sketches are added with KOH-I_NOOR multi colour pencils.
Sketched with Pilot V5, V7 pens on Magma Sketchbook.