11 June 2015

Back from Hong Kong

I just came back from Hong Kong a few days ago with a bunch of sketches.

It was my second time in Hong Kong. I had visited Hong Kong back in 2008 before my sketching days and I realised I wasn't able to remember much about the trip.

This time round, I had a more memorable trip because I sketched all the places I went to.

That's pretty much the default view of Hong Kong from most places unless you're looking towards Hong Kong Island where the well known cityscape is (below). Most of the buildings are so tall, including the residential ones, that you would have to strain your neck to look at the sky, that's unless you're looking down the street.

Once I step out onto the walkway from my hotel, I could see crowds of people everywhere. Even on a weekend when offices are closed, the streets would still be packed. Amazing. I can imagine how stressful it is to live here.

Most of my sketches were drawn in black and white since I wanted to spend more time drawing rather than colouring. The rest of the uncoloured ones will be coloured in the coming days and weeks.

That's the Big Buddha at Lantau Island. You can only see it by buying the cable car tickets to Ngong Ping Village. It's huge and is located at the end of a long flight of stairs.

The train frequency for Hong Kong's MTR subway is very high. There was once I alighted from a train, and before I could even reach the escalator (because of the crowd), the next train on the same line had arrived.

I also made a short trip to Macau and what you see above is its most famous Ruins of St Paul's. Macau is a really interested place. There are all these high rise residential buildings and office, the many flashy casinos and then there are the many beautiful European architecture style buildings mixed here and there. I wish I could spend weeks to discover all the secret places and interesting alleys. It's definitely a place you must visit if you happen to be in Hong Kong. The ferry ride to Macau is affordable and can be bought at Shun Tak Centre even at last minute.

There are more sketches and you can check them out at

- Parka

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