21 June 2017

Weekend Getaway Malacca

Family Weekend Getaway 
I have enjoyed quality time with my family during our weekend getaway in Malacca.
Somehow I managed to squeeze time for some sketching with my limited tools.
My tools - Pilot Custom 823 B nib , Franklin Christoph Model66 1.1 nib , De Atramentis Archive Ink  and Holbein Waterbrush.

A quick sketch during breakfast at a local coffee shop.
Watching the local folks chatting about inflation , cost of living etc etc etc ......

Tourists , tourists and more tourists .
I was sketching at The Dutch Square and was surrounded by Mainland Chinese Tourists , 
just wonder where am I in China or Malaysia ? 

We walked into Ibis Hotel not knowing that the hotel is having a trial soft opening for their staff.
Watching the "guests " checking in .

A Malay Kampung in the heart of the city.

I was waiting for the bus and have an hour to go.
Last minute sketch before the bus come.

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