25 June 2021

SketchLive - June official Sketchwalk

You can sketch anything / anywhere in your home (the whole point is to stay indoors), but in case you need ideas, this month's theme is:
👉 Special / Precious stuff at home
It can be your favourite tools, chou chou, belongings, objects, plants, space etc! 🪴 🍄 🍼
In light of current realities (Phase 2 High-Alert), and to play our part in working with our government to beat this pandemic, there will be no outdoor USkSG Sketchwalk for at least the month of June (we will watch the situation for June and beyond).
Instead let’s do an “Urban SketchLive” challenge this Saturday. That is, 'Sketch where you Live'. But it’s a double meaning, because it will also be a live sketching session as we do it together real time, just like during our normal Sketchwalks.
The Event Zoom Room will be opened for the duration of our usual Sketchwalks (9:30AM - 1:00PM), and we will sketch in one another’s virtual presence together; so have your devices (phone / laptop, etc.) with you as you sketch, so we can chat as we do it.
👉 NOTE: The Zoom Link will be shared on actual day to those who have indicated "Going", so please click the Going button if you intend to join us.
At 12noon, we will gather back in front of the screen and have our virtual Show n Tell, where you will share about your sketch(es)... why you did what you did, and what they mean to you, etc.
We don’t get to hang out with and hear from one another very much during our outdoor sketchwalks; hopefully this will give us a on-the-spot glimpse into one another’s lives / living quarters.
We should be able to end by 1:00PM latest.


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