02 October 2010

Sketches at City Hall (Oct 2010)

Sketch 01 at City Hall (Oct 2010)
Those carvings at the top of the pillar were incredibly difficult to draw. I couldn't see what I was drawing.

The "L" you see at the corner is the light source. I was drawing under the hot sun and decided to make note of the light source and colour the piece in the shade.

Sketch 02 at City Hall (Oct 2010)

Sketch 03 at City Hall (Oct 2010)
On the steps and at the front of the entrance, there were more sketchers than I depicted. This was drawn across the street.

The Singapore Biennale art festival was previously held there so I'm pretty sure the museum will turn out to be awesome.

Sketch 04 at City Hall (Oct 2010)

Sketch 05 at City Hall (Oct 2010)
Trying to sketch the dome of the Supreme Court but it started to drizzle.

Sketch 06 at City Hall (Oct 2010)
The second floor lobby at the old Supreme Court. There were no working lights. The only light was from the sun coming through the tall windows by the right. So it was actually quite dark but you can't tell from the sketch.

Sketch 07 at City Hall (Oct 2010)
Some urban sketchers getting the feel of what it's like to sit in the dock. I wanted to draw another two sketchers who were play-acting to be lawyer and defendant, but didn't manage to do that.

Some photos...