28 May 2012

Epigram upload instructions and TPY "treasure" map

1) All pictures need to be scanned hi-res 350dpi (for A5 and bigger drawings). If your picture is smaller (eg.A6), scan it at 600dpi so it can be blown up further. 
2) Save them in .jpg format. 
3) Upload them to using WeTransfer or YouSendIt (They are free large file transfer services)
4) Send them to jocelyn@epigrambooks.sg.
If you don't own a scanner, you can hand me or Zaihan the originals after the sketchwalk. But please note your name and number on the back. We will scan them and return them to you. 

If you feel like capturing more of Toa Payoh for the book, you can go down any day before the next sketchwalk to cover the bases you didn't have time to capture when we were there. Here is the map (handed out last sat)  with the locations and items they want featured in the book. I don't think we managed to cover all of them. eg. the goreng pisang stall at blk 177. So Toa Payoh still has many treasures for you to draw. Have fun!