25 December 2009

Seasons's Greetings from Korea


We arrived in Seoul on 18 Dec at about 10pm and we left for Yongpyong for a ski trip at 8.30am on the following day. My daughter and son started their ski lessons on the first day and by the third day, they were very comfortable with the new sport. I braved the cold weather in the open air trying to complete a sketch but it was too cold for me with my bare fingers exposed holding the fountain pen. The ink also did not flow properly in the freezing condition plus the view was constantly blocked by the moving crowd. I added just a few people and quickly went back to the lobby. By that time, my fingers were numb and my body was shaking. From Singapore at daily temperature of 30 deg C to -10 deg C at Yongpyong was certainly a huge adjustment for me.


A cup of hot coffee at 'A Twosome Place' - the cafe next to the lobby certainly played a big role with my second sketch. You find ski racks near the entrance and young people with colourful ski jackets, woolen caps, face masks and ski boots, it was candys to the eyes and a colourful fashion parade!

After I came back from the ski trip, I met up with the wonderful Korean sketchers on 22 Dec 2009. Please visit USk-Korea for the sketches that were presented by these wonderful sketchers.
Sketches by Kim Mi-kyung are here
Sketches by Yoo Byung-hwa are here
Sketches by Lee Yong-hwan are here

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to all.