25 March 2010

New Tea @ ION - Old Tea @ Sims Drive Market, Singapore

It was an interesting experience to have tea at TWG tea company. I did not know that they are actually a Singapore company with a rich history. They claim to have nearly 800 different types of tea from around the world. There were indeed lots of colourful tea containers in the shop. Go check out the shop at ION but be prepared to wait for a table.

Teh Tarik = (literally pulled tea or 拉茶 in Mandarin) is a hot tea beverage which can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls and kopi tiams in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Its name is derived from the pouring process of "pulling" the drink back and forth during preparation. It is made from black tea and condensed milk.

The old man in the sketch is having a drink and resting his tired legs while the Indian female owner of the drink stall looks out for her next customer.