05 May 2010

Sketching our lunch

Pepper lunch from the food court in Funan Center. We have been finding gadgets there quite frequently so inevitably we are eating there pretty often.

There were 2 kinds of beef in this set meal. Beef slices and Hamburger steaks! They comes raw on the hot pot and you have to cook them yourself. The hot plate is hot enough to even cook a fish and the meat and the rice remained piping hot even after a long time. The garnishes were corn and bean sprouts. The miso was pretty tasty but it was too MSGy that day so we were left thirsty after the meal.

Food court @ Funan Center is quite good and it has many special food choices. We don't really mind eating there as often as we like. Kat has her dance and singing classes there so I think we would be there pretty much every week.


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