27 May 2010

Taiwan Trip sketches

Just back from Taiwan with my sketches. post a few here so it is not hogging it .
rest are on my blogWhen I travelled, I travel in the best- budget air- jetstar, ha, ha

Mountain climbing at Yangminshan..up the highest peak . Mount Qixing (Seven Star Mountain), has an elevation of 1120 meters (3,674 ft), and its peak is the highest point in Taipei City.. The area is known as the "grass mountain too, with the tall silver grass covering the entire slope

Jiufen.. another area near Taipei with the houses on the slope. It got lotsa traditional teahouses .

Typical stall near "danshui laoxie" - an old street filled with taiwanese eateries and snack.

When I think of Taipei.. I think of scooters..zipping everywhere literally.
For those who been to Wufenpu, you will know what I meant

Boarding area.. on way back .. with everyone lost in their own thoughts and thing