06 July 2010

Celebrating a Milestone

This is taken from a post from TIA's Facebook post. Thanks Tia for scanning and cropping the most important part of the article. It is indeed a celebration of a milestone, the fruit of exposing ourselves under the sun and the elements, sweating alongside with each other, enduring bites from bugs, and having food communion together. I am most happy that Tia has started the Singapore chapter with her initiatives, and out of her love and passion to sketch. Besides, I am even happier to find so many like minded artists participating in Sketchwalks and immersing themselves in what they love to do, even as a group. From now on, growing as an "artist" or "sketchers" need not be a lonely process anymore. :P

Thanks again to Tia, Paul and Miel, for your patience, counsel and advise!! I love you guys!