12 July 2010

Walking and Sketching Again

Dried food produce found within Eunos market.

It's back to walking and sketching again as the thrill of the Tiong Bahru exhibition simmer down. It is great to simply walk down a street in search for interesting sketch-worthy subjects. As I entered the market, I found dried produce a very common sight. There are almost 5 other stalls selling the same things; dried shrimps, dried fishes, salted preserved fishes, dried chilli, ikan bilis and so forth. I love the smell of these combined together as I stood nearby to sketch. I chose this particular stall because of the variety of dried produce it has, and how the stall keeper has arranged them in a very attractive way. The stream of customers is relentless. I was wondering why would anyone want to purchase something like this. I am always eating out, and in addition I don't see my parents using so many such dried produce before.