27 September 2010

Eunos Sketches

Eunos sketchwalk - Altar for a monkey god

Eunos Sketchwalk result - A refuse collection company

Eunos sketchwalk - great idea to sketch at an industrial park that is to be relocated soon. Good thing the place was more or less deserted since it was a weekend. But still, we have to be careful because the forklifts were very active. I managed to sketch only 2 pieces that day - but the whole experience was fun. I hope the rest of the sketchers enjoyed the day too. I did not stay for lunch with the rest. Later that day I continued on to Marina Barage just to chill with some friends. I managed to sketch 2 pieces there. Here's one.

Marina Barage

I love the open space at Marina Barage - will definitely go there again to see the exhibits and the gallery - of course when the weather is good. What a great weekend!