09 September 2010

My Mt Kinabalu Climb

I was at Mt Kinabalu last week. Managed to reach the summit at 4,095.2m but it was no easy feat for me scaling up the peak. It was anything but easy. Thought I could do some sketches up there but my fountain pen suffered a bad bout of altitude sickness. I only managed coax my pen for one sketch at Kinabalu Park HQ at an altitude of 1,564m. We were put up in this beautiful cosy house (Garden Lodge) looking at the mountain above us. This was my sketch of the fireplace. From here up my pen was no good. It was puking like mad. It was nothing on my mind but to reach the peak so didn't think much of sketching. I took 30 hours to reach the peak and back to HQ with like a few of hours of sleep....or trying to sleep as I was also suffering from altitude sickness.
Felt on top of the world scaling up to the peak to witness sunrise on 31 Aug but if only I could do some sketches up there. I did a couple of sketches when I came down to Kota Kinabalu though.