30 October 2010

Chinatown - an American point of view

Buz with a view finder - Picture taken by Tia
Well, not exactly but it will be nice to hear it from one.
We got to know Buz when he came for his first sketchwalk at Tiong Bahru along with the gallery show curated by White Canvas. During the show and tell, we were marveling at his sketchbook, some were ogling though. I was drooling. Since then Buz has been coming for most of the sketchwalks and I just simply love to see his sketches unraveling on the blank pages of his Moleskin. While we were at Pulau Ubin sketching, he took out from his bag a little cardboard piece like the one in the picture and showed it to me. It is his view finder - a simple device that helps an artist to compose his drawing. I was telling some students to make a viewfinder to help them find their POV but none of them actually made one. So when I saw Buz who is such a prolific and experienced artist whipping out a viewfinder, I concluded that I shouldn't be too complacent myself too. And if any of my students complain they didn't know how to compose a scene, I would then say, you haven't heed my advice. :D

Anyway I am really glad to get to know Buz as a sketcher and as a friend too. He has been an inspiration to me and to many others.