31 October 2010

October Sketchwalk at Chinatown

Sketching at Chinatown's Food Market
Sketching at Maxwell Food Center
Sketching along Murray Street besides MyArtSpace Tanjong Pagar
This time round I was the lost sheep, straying from the group sketching within the food market when I arrived late for the sketchwalk. But I wasn't the only lost sheep. When I received a call from Madhu, I knew almost immediately that he was lost too. When I finally got down to call him, he has already settled in McDonald but that was already 10am. Then I got a message from Shyam that he was sketching nearby Red Dot Museum so I realized that he was not with the usual group too. Andrew and James were at Murray Street so they were too, "lost". I got a call from James that there is an exhibition in MyArtSpace and wanted me to see it. So at 11am I got to the gallery to see the art show by Gail Patin who has sketched the streets of Singapore like us. But his sketches are even larger and gallery worthy... :D so to speak. Anyway we met up and started to head towards Maxwell Market after making some quick sketches and a video shoot. I took it easy in this sketchwalk, not paying too much attention on sketching but simply catching up with sketchers. Had fun again!! I hope the rest too.