24 October 2010

Visiting the last kampong in Singapore

The sketchers posing for a picture

Pulau Ubin Sketch results
The force is strong in the sketchers.

It was basically another impromptu trip to Pulau Ubin, but eveyrthing worked out right. We had a small handful of sketchers who came with their wives and children. Splendid combinations. Budz joined us even though he only came to know about it on Friday evening. :P

We were early too. The weather wasn't too hot. It was humid though. The boat ride to the island was thrilling. We were excited already to see the old boat filled up with artifacts, tools, nets and so forth. We were excited to sketch it but the boat ride lasted only 10 mins. 

When we arrived, we were greeted with lush foliage, old houses with zinc roofs, unpaved walk ways, dirt roads and very tall coconut trees. To the east of the island is a resort. To the west, everything is basically untouched and left the same condition as 50 years ago. 

We sat along the shore to make our first sketch after 30 mins exploring just within 300m around the jetty. The sound of the waves lapping the shore was therapeutic. For a city dweller like me, this is precious. Time seemed to stand still. I wasn't aware of time when I painted. 

I would go back again for another visit, maybe now to the quarry or the beach on the other side.

Sketching along the shore of Pulau Ubin
My Second Sketch