30 November 2010

Sketchwalk at Telok Ayer

I always think of a drawing as a jigsaw puzzle, with dozens of different pieces demanding your attention. Unlike shooting a scene with a camera, sketching on the spot is harder because you cannot blur the background or use a fast-apertured lens to focus a subject and make it stand out. If you arrange all those pieces in the right order you'll end up with an organised, structured image that makes sense and (well, fingers crossed) looks good. While studying Architecture in college, my old teacher always reminded me that pretty pictures is not much about detail and vibrant colors. That there’s only two factors that will make or break your pictures—composition and tonal value. If you put them together any other way, without a definite picture first in your mind, the end result will be a muddled mess of shapes, colours and details that's difficult to make sense of. Though sometimes spontaneity can be good too. Maybe that’s what they say about “breaking the rule”. Until now I still struggle with compositions and tonal value. And maybe I will forever. But what’s important is I like drawing and I enjoy every minute of it—and that’s what make it every inch satisfying—even more so doing it with people who share the same passion in drawing as I do. Who cares if the end result wasn’t as good as I strived for? I put my feelings into it. And at the end of the day that’s what really art is about—heart.

Below are some pictures of the sketch I did while participating the Telok Ayer Sketchwalk with USK-SG.