03 December 2010

Packaged trip to Jeju Island, Korea & Shanghai

My sketch tools & sketchbook
Packing for the trip finally after much procrastination and clearing my work. For sketchwalks I am always bringing too many stuff in my bag... it is like a security blanket. At the back for your mind, I would always thought, maybe I need this or that then and then. You never know. Eventually I am carrying too many stuff in my bag. This time round, I decided to repack everything for my trip, carrying just my favorite pens and then a spare each. LOL! There I go again. I am not like Andrew who only carries the bare essentials in his cutesy Muji carrier, or James who runs around barely carrying anything except his brush pen; now he is not even wearing his glasses. Traveling light is the motto. Still I end up what you see above; 1 watercolor pad with only 2 papers left, another A5 sized watercolor notebook, and a sketchbook Marvin gave me as a souvenir! (Thanks Marvin, remember to send me your address so I could send out a hand painted postcard to you).

Well I hope it is not too cold to sketch. But I am gonna enjoy the well deserved trip!! :D