31 January 2011

Happy New Year Urban Sketchers!

Dear Urban Sketchers & Sketchwalkers,

The beginning of the new year in 2011 sees a great start for Urban Sketchers Singapore. First we had a blast in our first sketchwalk @ Keong Siak Street, then Discovery broadcast a documentary titled "Living Cities- Singapore" in which USKSG was part of the feature for City Hall. Thank you all (on behalf of Tia) for your participation, relentless passion, and enthusiasm. We look forward to more sketching in the year to come.

We too have a new Facebook PAGE. If you have not "Liked" it, please do so at the following address:

Once you clicked "LIKE", you would be able to add photos of the sketches you made during the sketchwalks. We look forward to seeing your sketches! At the meantime, enjoy a iPhone recorded video of the documentary.

Happy New Year to all!!