15 January 2011

Plein Air @ Keong Saik Street and Lim Teck Road

Great mosaic from Joyce!!! I love this, she captured the participants of today's Plein Air session so well... thanks Joyce. I was so delighted that I hurried to post this up over here, so to make anyone who has not attended this session drools with envy. :O

I love today's turnout. Not as big as the monthly sketchwalk but it showed the spirit of those who turned up. I was glad I came because the weather was terrific... the lighting was marvelous though I couldn't really capture it well enough, and the ambience was pleasant. We were relaxed and everyone was east going, taking in all the good vibes together. I enjoyed catching up with everyone because I have not seen them for like 2 months since missing 2 sketchwalks altogether.

Well... hey where are the girls?? Anyway it has been a wonderful experience... I love Urban Sketchers!!:D

And here's a group photo!  (Taken by Joyce! Thanks!)