02 February 2011

Result of Sketchwalk at Keong Siak Road

110129_photo 110129_keongsiak2

Last week sketchwalk at Keong Siak Road was a blast. We had about 35 people at the end of the session. Some of them left half way so we could even have more sketchers.

This piece done at the junction of Keong Siak Road and Teck Lim Road was the first time I used portrait format for size 200 x 400mm, ink and watercolour. I used this to illustrate to young sketchers that we need to have an exit plan for location drawing. For this piece, there was no time for colouring so I did the outline first. I spent more time on the other landscape format piece entirely done on location. You can view them here at the global Urban Sketchers site.

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