08 March 2011

Best Thing Ever Happened to Me in 2010

After sketching at Thow Kwang Jungle Pottery a fortnight ago, a few of us gathered for supper at Kembangan. Eric said the best thing that ever happened to him in 2010 was to meet this amazingly talented group of sketchers. I couldn't agree more!

It was the July sketchwalk at Joo Chiat that I first joined USk-SG. I knew nobody in the group then, but just a couple of sketchwalks later, I knew almost everyone (well, most of the regulars) and everyone knew me too... apart from sketching, we share techniques, tools, tips, etc. and encourage one another to keep improving.... with some jokes and banters thrown in, be it in real life or online (usually via facebook)!

Here's one of my sketches at my first sketchwalk in Joo Chiat

Thereafter, I caught the sketching bug....

Sketched while having breakfast in my workplace cafeteria

Sketched in Pulau Ubin

Sketched in Grand Canyon during my US trip

Sketched at Toast Box, a local cafe

More to come....