03 April 2011

Hong Kong trip

I was supposed to go Tokyo for a holiday but have to go Hong kong instead

Singapore airport terminal- always a good place for people watching before the departure

I took a ferry to Macau too and everyone ogle at the ruins of Saint Paul

A quiet off beaten street in Macau

Macau has alot of ugly looking casinos, most of them in colors of gold

Macau building , off the main street

Lantau island-"path of wisdom and "ta o"- a fishing village

The giant buddha and cable car

"Da O"- traditional fishing village in Lantau

Impressions of Hong kong

Impressions of hongkong

Lanma island- where chow Yuen Fatt was born, according to the tourist brochure I read. It's also where the only huge wind turbine is located

Heritage trail to a old temple

Tsim Sha Tsui