25 May 2011


Join us for our upcoming sketchwalk this saturday at Holland Village. Please see map for directions as it will be a short walk to get there. Drop at Bouna Vista MRT station, cross the overhead bridge, and follow the red path in the map. Holland Village is located within the blue area. We will meet at the holland village hawker centre at 9.30am. And then take our time sketching around the area till 12.30pm, when we will meet back at the hawker centre.
Points of interest: 
1. holland village's cafes/restaurants. (don't forget the back lanes behind the cafes)
2. the famous magazine stand opposite crystal jade.
3. Chip Bee garden's nice white semi-d houses. (marked with a pink circle)
4. Behind the carpark (on your way there) is the bouna vista swimming pool. It is old and charming. and may be torn down soon. (marked with a green circle)
5. old mosque near the car park.

For food, there is the holland village fried beehood at the hawker centre (if open), provence bakery for good curry buns, cheese balls and toasted sandwiches, daily scoop homemade icecream, and da paolo gastronomy for gelato and heated lasagna/pizza.

note: that the holland village mrt station is NOT open yet.
note: there is a big Artfriend open at bouna vista MRT station (just below) if you want to get any sketching supplies.

Please call Tia at 96968080 or Andrew 91070735 if you can't find us.