26 June 2011

Result of Sketchwalk at Little India


It was a big group at the Little India sketchwalk. We split into a few smaller groups after the briefing and my group crossed Serangoon Road and settled at the corner of Dunlop St and Clive St. It was quite a sight when the sketchers sat along the roadside curb. Before we could complete the first piece, it was pouring so we had to find shelter at the five-foot way along shophouse at Dunlop Street. It was then that we had a good discussion and sharing on various tools and sketchbooks with the senior artists Chan Chang How, Pang Teng Khoon and Asnee.

We dashed across the street and some of us sat at a cozy cafe to sketch. I did 3 pieces at the end. We then went back to the food center to have the "show and tell" and it was so inspiring after seeing all the sketches presented by different groups.

Again, look at the sketches of Little India, who says Singapore is boring?

Other sketches on my blog and facebook.