21 July 2011

brown paper sketchbook $3

Hi sketchers,

   I've bought quite a lot of brown paper at home which I use to draw on. More than enough. So I've decided to wrap them with a nice cover, staple and razor trim them so they can be used as sketchbooks. There are 9 folded brown paper sheets in total (that gives you 36 pages to draw on) around 135gsm thick, I think. A5 size. paper holds ink, pencils and paint pretty well. And they are good for techniques that use whites on a darker surface. 

   If anyone is interested in owning one, I'm gonna sell them for $3 each. (the price of a plate of hawker fried kway teow). Since I will be making them one by one and by hand, I'd like to take a pre-order in the comments section before I start production. I will make one for you only if you put your name down in the comments section to confirm your purchase. I will hand you the sketchbooks at our next sketchwalk.