19 August 2011

Giveaway contest for August 2011

Three prizes, again, to be given away for August's sketchwalk.

You must be attending to be eligible for this giveaway. I'll announce the winners during the sketchwalk. If you aren't around, then I'll give it to the next lucky person on the list.

Just post a comment on which prize you want to win. You can choose all, but you can only win one.

Here are the prizes.

WInsor & Newton Watercolor Portable Sets
Winsor & Newton Cotman Metal Sketchers' Box (24 half pans)
It doesn't come with the packaging, and I've accidentally scratched the front cover a bit. It's worth $60.

It's actually a review set, barely used.

Travels with Watercolour
Travels with Watercolour by Lucy Willis
It's a watercolour travelogue. You can check out the review at parkablogs.com/content/book-review-travels-watercolour

Pen & Ink Techniques
Pen & Ink Techniques by Frank Lohan
You can check out the review at parkablogs.com/node/3925