26 September 2011

Club Street Sketch Walk (24 Sep 2011)

It was a full day of fun sketching along Club Street with the group on Saturday!

Club Street was the very first on-site urban sketching location I'd ever attempted a couple of years ago in my "Everyday Matters" journal, even before I'd joined this group, so sketching back at this lovely street was really nice and nostalgic...

And I enjoyed meeting both the old and newer members of the group, and sketching with some of them all the way till dinner! I even returned the next day for more sketching!

It's a pity though, the group is now so big that we hardly know everybody present, and our interaction with each other seems almost nonexistent compared to our very lively Facebook discussions. At several points, saying "Hi" to the newer members only met with blank faces, who seemed intent only on getting back to their drawings ASAP... (-_- )"

Hope in future sketch walks we could factor in more interaction and discussion time (other than just a few folks staying back for lunch), instead of just packing up to leave soon after a brief show-and-tell. People were already keeping their sketches even before everyone else could get closer to view them!

Ok, anyway, so here are my pics. Hope you'll enjoy!

Club Street Sketch Walk 24 Sep 2011

Above: Incidentally, after only drawing on sketch books, A5 and A4 papers in the past couple of years, this was my very first A3 sketch. It's definitely a personal milestone.

Above: I'd wanted to try out doing a panoramic piece on my own as a personal challenge, but Paul had run out of the long paper. However, I was glad there's still vacancy in Parka, Eve and Rafa's piece, so this section above is my contribution.

Above: This panorama piece was a combination of efforts by (from L-R): Parka, me, Eve and Rafa.

Above: Results of the Club Street Sketch Walk (Afternoon Session)! 

Those who stayed back till the end included: Tony, Zhu Hong, Eve, Wilson, Vincent, Jacklyn, Ignatius, Madhu, Benedick, Parka, Isaac and I.

After a whole hot day of sketching, some of those in remaining group adjourned to Nazt Bistro Lounge, the restaurant in my first sketch and where my sister worked, for yummy dinner and lots of beer (we ended up with 5 jugs)! It was fun hanging out with them, and Zhu Hong did another demo with tips on how I could improve my sketches with better and more strategic use of colour. 

All in all, I had a really great time!

Above: I returned to sketch this corner of Club Street the very next day, as I was around the area and wanted to try out something different in the way I sketch and use colour. Still lots of experimenting ahead! :)

26 Sep 2011

(PS: I'd posted this using the Blogger app on my mobile phone, and I'm glad it appeared successfully (I'll try to post here more often with this app in future!), but please pardon any wonky-ness of the layout and pics!)