10 November 2011

i'm selling some home-made sketchbooks

I bought paper in bulk and I have too much to use all on my own. I was greedy. So i've decided to make them into sketchbooks to sell to you guys.

Brown paper. I think around 200gsm if i'm not wrong. It holds inks well and thick enough that it does not start buckling like thinner brown paper. It consists of 8 sheets of A4 paper folded, stapled and trimmed by me. That will give you 32pages of A5 sheets to draw on. I've included a decent black cover to complement the book. 
Each book is $3. The price of a plate of carrot cake at Maxwell Market.
Brown paper is great if you want to try adding white highlights using chalk, white paint, or liquid paper to your drawings. It takes pretty much any medium well. 

This is the sketchbook I usually make for myself to draw in. It has 9 sheets of slightly off-white paper (a bit smaller than A4), folded, stapled and trimmed by me. That will give you 36 pages of 14.5x19cm paper to draw on. I've used the brown paper mentioned above as the cover. It's blank so you can stamp or draw your own design on it. It's also $3 each.

This paper takes watercolour pretty well. As in, the pigments and water spreads and rests nicely into the paper rather than puddles in strange blotches, like other papers I've tried. If you are using black hero ink, I recommend putting a protective paper between the pages as hero ink tends to dry slowly on these pages. The paper has little bumps like watercolour paper. I'd say it's a cross between serious watercolour paper and sketching paper. I think it is around 160gsm. Thick enough to hold a couple layers of washes decently.

I will bring just a few books this saturday NOV 12 at URA for the sketchwalk. You can touch and draw on a couple samples and decide if it's something you want to buy. if you'd like to pre-order please tell me which sketchbook you'd like, and include your name and handphone number in the comments section here. Please call Andrew at 91070735 if you can't find me.