12 December 2011

Kandahar Street

Kandahar Street, Kampong Glam Not long ago in the month of Nov, we had an ad-hoc sketch walk at Kampong Glam; I did a sketch of this blue building along Kandahar street after finishing 2 others at Pahang Street earlier in the morning. Paul and Zhu Hong were there too. We sat under the shade in a coffeeshop as the weather was getting warmer. I love the hustle and bustle of this place. Tony then pointed to a back alley and exclaimed, "So this is where all the taxis drivers are hiding!" He said it in an angry tone and I knew he was pissed. I turned to look at the alley and to my amazement, it was packed with blue and yellow cabs! As I turned back I saw some "uncles" sitting in the coffeeshop right in front of me smiling, then I realized they were the taxi drivers stealing a break from their morning routine. I did not sketch the back alley... I should have!!