06 June 2012

Santo Domingo Symposium Correspondent Scholarship

Please apply if you are interested.

The scholarship will cover registration fee, lodging and airfare for one correspondent*.

In return, the correspondent who receives the scholarship will give daily updates on the Urban Sketchers blog about what he/she has participated in during the day, including lectures and drawing workshops.

This is the chance to be a “symposium correspondent” who reports to the rest of Urban Sketchers community! This person needs to be available to travel to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from July 12-14, 2012 and is capable and willing to post on Urban Sketchers blog during the Symposium.

All nominations are due by June 11th, 2012.

*As long as the total amount doesn’t exceed the available scholarship funds. Correspondents who have already registered for the event are welcome to apply and they would be reimbursed."


Name johndoe
Date June 5th
What USK blog do you contribute to? http://themoon.urbansketchers.org/
Link to your tagged posts http://themoon.urbansketchers.org/search/label/johndoe
Link to blog or Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/johndoe
Why should you go the symposium?
First time I started drawing was when I saw USk international blog. Since then I’ve been committed to my local USk blog organizing Sketchcrawls and publishing in a local newspaper... (don’t be shy and write as much as you consider necessary)

"A commitment to the USk movement and storytelling skills will be high our top criteria in selecting a winner"