28 July 2012

28 July 2012 Sketchwalk at Tiong Bahru

This coming Saturday, 28 July 2012, we will embark on documenting the second neighbourhood in the series of books to be released by Epigram.

You can download the PDF map of the area indicating the points of interest and key locations to print a copy for yourself, or put it in your smartphone or tablet. On a first-come-first-go basis, we will assign you to a group to cover a specific area.

Map Download Link

We will meet at the main entrance of Tiong Bahru Market, at the space between the escalators in the picture you see at the top. Go ahead and have breakfast before the meeting time and pop down after.

Tiong Bahru

Meeting point:
Tiong Bahru Market, main entrance between escalators, 
9:30 AM

Show & tell:
End of Yong Siak Street, multi purpose hall of new HDB blocks. To be confirmed tomorrow. 
12:30 PM

Selections of drawings emailed to Epigram will be published in our new series of books covering different neighbourhoods in singapore. If your drawing gets selected to be in a book, you will get one complimentary copy of that book + 40% off a second copy. If more than 3 drawings gets selected, you will get 2 complimentary copies. Anyone who joins us may submit their drawings for the book, even if it will be your first time joining. If you do not wish you participate in the book, no problem, you may join us as usual and have fun drawing!

Sketches are to be submitted two weeks after the sketchwalk. Meanwhile if you have any sketches already done of Tiong Bahru, you can submit them as well.


1) All pictures need to be scanned hi-res 350dpi (for A5 and bigger drawings). If your picture is smaller (eg.A6), scan it at 600dpi so it can be blown up further. 

2) Save them in .jpg format. RGB colour format.

3) Upload them to using WeTransfer or YouSendIt (They are free large file transfer services)

4) Send them to jocelyn@epigrambooks.sg.

If you don't own a scanner, you can hand me or Zaihan the originals after the sketchwalk. But please note your name and number on the back. We will scan them and return them to you.
5) ***IMPORTANT** Mention what location you are sketching in the file name. Eg. Tiong-Bahru-Market.jpg

See you all on Saturday and look forward to sketching again!