23 August 2012

Smith Street Sketches - fun with mark makings

I guess I am more akin to mark making when I sketch, whether I am sketching people or building. These marks form a representation of the subject or object I am drawing, though I am fully aware of the rules of proper proportion, perspective and structure.

There are 2 distinct forms of mark making; Hatching and tonal modeling. There is also one other called pointillism which is fundamentally a hatching technique using dots.

Painting is also mark making - every brush stroke and every mark culminates to form a pleasant composition of shapes, colors, tones and design.

A good example is shown in Woon Lam's color sketches or paintings. Mark making is the foundation to all drawings and paintings alike.

In the mark making process, you can make every mark to mean something; you can also make the marks to represent something. Sometimes the marks can be literal or they can be impressionistic. I try to leave rooms for the viewer to fill in with their imaginations.

When you are more involved with mark making then simply drawing what you see, the process of drawing becomes a lot more exciting and fun to do.