16 November 2012

Drawing people with Muji fountain pen and colored pencils

@ Epilogue
Drawing people is always my preoccupation when I am sketching outdoors. Cafe would be the best place to capture people reading, eating, drinking and talking. Next would be bus stops or on buses or the trains. I have also noticed more sketchers taking an interest in drawing people too. This is a good sign, as people make up the majority of an urban setting. In landscape drawings, we do sometime add people for size comparison or to scale things up. We could also use people to suggest depth and distance too. In this drawing, I used people as an element in my page design. The thin nib of the Muji fountain pen allows me to add more details of what they wear as textures. The most difficult part in drawing people is getting the proportions right. Other aspects would be the posture or the pose, and lastly the expressions. There is much to learn regarding drawing people. To me it has been a long winding road, but I enjoy it and love it as a challenge. I hope you do too.