20 November 2012

November sketches

At a secret comic group gathering. Parallel pen with Private Reserve Ebony blue ink+ photoshop
Dinner with the comic guys.  Seiji drew the pic below. Kuretake writer pen + photoshop.

Ballpoint + Kuretake brush pen, Rotring + watercolour
Scenes around Stirling Rd while I waited for Von. Rotring technical pen + photoshop.

Scene from the grass patch on top of ADM during a mini-sketchwalk with students. Home-made cane pen + wash.

Drew this while waiting for Von. People at the supermarket checkout at NTUC Holland Drive.
Parallel pen with a mix of red and black ink + photoshop.
The Sushi/soba counter within the supermarket at Takashimaya. I think too many people have found out about this place. It used to be one of my secret eating places. Parallel pen (with Ebony blue ink) + photoshop.

Breakfast at Holland drive hawker centre. Watercolour on paper.

Ballpoint, watercolour on paper.