24 November 2012

result of today's sketchwalk


Stirling Rd is not just a road where I worked 20 years ago when Temasek Poly first started at the current MDIS site. The type of 2-storey house block from 44 to 47 is also the same type that I stayed at Margaret Drive during the 1964 riot in Singapore. It was also quite close to Hock Lee Bus Depot where the riot started in 1955. Two separate riots but I only remember going through one. Now you know my growing up story. Happening!

I sketched the hospital where I was born here.

I sketched the flat where I first stayed although it was very short period of time, then we moved to Margaret Drive in the 2-storey house like this at Stirling road in this sketch. The first flat I stayed was here, which I believe is was around Dawson Road.