26 January 2013

1st Official Sketch Walk at Portsdown Road 26 Jan 2013

Portsdown Road I - Sketched with Hero 9018 pen & Hero Ink on pre wash 150 gsm  cold press paper.
I chose this piece of pre wash Orange & Pink paper to create the mood of morning sun.

Westbourne Rd & Portsdown Rd junction - Sketched with Hero 9018 pen on the pre wash 150 gsm cold press paper. I chose the Green & Ocher pre wash paper to match the surrounding environment .

Portsdown Road II - Sketched with Hero pen and hight light with White Ink pen on the 150 gsm pre wash cold press paper. This piece of Lilac,Turquoise, Pink & Orange pre wash was chosen to create a moody effect of the shadowed road.

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