11 January 2013

Sketching around Tampines 11 Jan 2013

Buddhist Temple - sketched with Hero Pen and Pental Pen Brush

Tampines Central - Sketched with Pens & Ink Wash

Tampines Library - Sketched with Non-water proof pen and wash. The non-water ink bleed into the wash to create shades.

Tampines Block 417 - Sketched with pen and wash. Removed the pages from sketch book and placed the spine holes on the right and left to create a film strip effect.

Glass block wall - Sketched with pen and wash

Recreation corner - Sketched with pen on pre stain paper.

Bagus Coffee Shop - Sketched with pen & ink wash

Ikea Hot Dog Stall - Sketched with pen & wash on pre stain paper

Ikea Cafe - Sketched with pen & ink

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