17 March 2013

RSS Intrepid at VivoCity

The Singapore Navy was docking the frigate RSS Intrepid at VivoCity for the last two days. It was for some awareness program and they were inviting the public the board the warship. Tickets were free but were given out by late morning. If you did not make it on board, you can try at the upcoming Navy Open House on 18 and 19 May 2013 at the Changi Naval Base.

RSS Intrepid
That's the RSS Intrepid at VivoCity. There have been quite a few interesting ships that have docked here. I've been on the Gotheberg and Logos Hope, just to name two.

RSS Intrepid bridge
This is the bridge of RSS Intrepid where the captain controls the ship.

RSS Intrepid Officers bunk
This is the officers' bunk. This particular room is fitted with three beds. There's a toilet which they call Heads and a wardrobe. Specialist bunks are larger but there are more beds and there's no shower room.

RSS Intrepid wardroom
The wardroom where the crew can rest and entertain themselves.

Whitehead A244/S Torpedo of RSS Intrepid
Whitehead A244/S Torpedo

Boeing Harpoon Missle of RSS Intrepid
Boeing Harpoon Missle

Whitehead A244/S Torpedo
Whitehead A244/S Torpedo

RSS Intrepid's diopter
Diopter that's used to check the location of the ship.

Machinery Control Room
This is the Machinery Control Room. As the name suggests, it controls all the machines and mechanical equipment on board.

RSS Intrepid hanger
This was the last sketch I drew. I couldn't draw the Sikorsky S70B Seahawk Naval Helicopter because it was drizzling. When I checked the time, it was 4 hours later. Time flies when you're sketching.

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