13 March 2013

Woodlands Ad-Hoc Sketch Walk on 16 March 2013

Hey folks, there will be a special event and sketch walk organised by NAC (National Arts Council) and Woodlands Regional Library on 24 March (Sun), and they would like the Urban Sketchers Singapore group to be a part of it - will update more on that later. 

In preparation of this collaborative event, there will be an ad-hoc sketch walk on 16 March (Sat) 3-6pm at Woodlands Regional Library to encourage the residents there to explore the neighbourhood estate through sketching, and everyone is welcome! It would be best if sketchers do their work on loose sheets, such that they could have their artwork displayed in a special exhibition during the 24 March event.

This will be a long-term community project by NAC and NLB (National Library Board), and hope our Urban Sketchers Singapore group could be a part of it too.

For this ad-hoc, the details are:
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library main entrance 
Date: 16 March
Time: 3pm to 6pm

And do keep your 24 March free too!
Hope everyone could join in and make this a fun project! :)

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