28 April 2013

Bishan Park and Sturdee Road

I recycled the used parking coupons to sketch at yesterday Bishan Sketch Walk. Masking taped at the back of 10 coupons to form an accordion sketch sheet 200mm X 850mm. Sketched on the revised of the used coupons with Hero 578 and Lamy Safari pens, Calli Blue for line work and Calli Brown mixed with Calli Blue for wash.

The completed sketch is 200mm X 850mm

An exhibition Of Pop Up Art was help at 31 Sturdee Road. I sketched this at the open space in front of the gallery. Jane Walker, the gallery owner requested us to make an Ad Hoc sketch of the exterior building of these shop houses. Sketch with fountain pens and Calli Blue Ink on Derwent Sketchbook 180mm X 440mm ( open 180mm X 880mm )

No 31 Sturdee Road is 2nd shop from left.

An empty lot waiting for near future development?

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