23 April 2013

Daler Rowney Blue Ink Sketches Series 1

My first try of Calli Blue Ink by Daler  Rowney. I love the brilliant hue of this ink, I use directly and also dilute to Wash.  Most of my sketches are done with 3 pens - Hero 578, Lamy Safari and 1 fountain pen from 555 State Express Co. I have received a lot of Likes and Compliments in my FB from viewers at home and aboard. Please enjoy as I have enjoyed sketching with this Blue Calli Ink.

Ion Orchard

Back lane of Dickson Road, Little India

Wanderlust Hotel at Dickson Road, Little India

Capri Hotel & Residence at Changi City 

A old art materials shop in Ubi Ave.

Soup Spoon at Changi City Point


  1. I like your sketched but I find the ink hue overpowers the subject :-)

  2. Lovely sketches... you have been really hardworking as a sketcher and I could see how you have grown and advanced in terms of skills and drawing from life... indeed admirable.