25 May 2013

Queenstown Sketch Walk 25 May 2013

Queenstown Sketch Walk 25 May 2013
Masjid Jamek Queenstown
Located at the junction of Margaret Drive and Tanglin Road, Majid Jamek Queenstown stands out with its distinctive minaret and Javanese architectural elements such as tiered roof.

The development of Princess Estate in the 1950s has attracted Singaporeans from all over the island to set up their homes there. By the late 1950s, there is a sizeable Muslim population in Queenstown. In order to cater to their requests for a place of worship, the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) set aside land for the building of a mosque. Built at a cost of $35,000, the mosque was officially opened in 1964. 

In the 1970s and 1980s, the mosque was particularly susceptible to flooding because it was located in the low lying area next to the Alexandra Canal. The roads along Margaret Drive were then raised 6 to 7 times, which is why the mosque appears to be relatively “lower” than the surrounding pavements and roads. 

A bungalow at  Kay Siang Road

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