05 July 2013

Sketched this while stopping by for a quick lunch at McDonald's, Ridout branch, just on the outskirts of Queenstown. 

Always love this outlet cos it's surrounded by lush foliage. Relaxing place. This scene is the backyard of the outlet. As I wasn't hungry, I sketched while the kids ate. Added wash at home. 

*Hero 578 FP, W&N Artist Watercolor on square MUJI sketchbook. 

Pat Ng
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  1. About ever 10th time the Dynamic views fail to load custom CSS and most parts of the user interface making it impossible for users to navigate the blog: Blogger Dynamic Views fail to load. The same happened with your blog, too :(

    Please help to spread the word so that we get this annoying bug fixed. Thanks!

    1. Thanx for the feedback, Paivi. Will see what we can do.

    2. Seems like is a browser thingy. So far many who are using Chrome or Safari (Mac) have no issue with this.
      And IE and Mozilla users consistently experience the same problem.