16 August 2013

We ♥ Katong Sketchwalk for Epigram Books' "Our Neighbourhoods"

Epigram Books is ready to work on the next title of the Our Neighbourhoods series, and this time we're going to Katong!

Despite the dominance of private residences, it has developed a very unique sense of community, much like the neighbourhoods that we've sketched.

09:30 am 
The Betel Box

12:30 pm 
The Betel Box

Aditi from Epigram Books has prepared a map (30 copies) and a listing of locations of note (40 copies). Do print your own or download them to your portable device if you prefer.

1: Locations list: http://tinyurl.com/katonglist
2: Map of Katong: http://tinyurl.com/katongmap
*being such a huge area, the map is a little hard to read

While the focus will be on the highlighted places, you are free to sketch whatever you want. Do chat to residents, business operators and people you meet to get a better feel of the location and find out what they find important and beautiful in the area.

We want to streamline the process of finding and viewing sketches, so please note the following:

After Sketchwalk
1. Post sketches on the wall of this event, here.
2. You are still free to post your sketches anywhere else.
    - use the #usksg and #welovekatong hashtags

Scanned Artwork 
1. Scan resolution at 200 dpi minimum, best at 300 dpi.
    - if work is A3-size or bigger, 200 dpi is enough
    - use the TIFF (.tif/.tiff) file format
    - 8-bit compression (LZW or ZIP) if needed 
2. Email to aditi[at]epigrambooks[dot]sg
    - indicate the location and/or subject
    - describe medium and size
    - include name to credit
3. Use WeTransfer, Hightail, Dropbox, Copy, Bitcasa or whatever cloud storage and file sharing service if files are too big to email.

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