11 May 2014

From Carver St to Oromo Coffee

These are the two sketches drawn yesterday at Carver St and Oromo Coffee.

I'm still evaluating the Saunders Waterford Coldpress watercolour paper. So far from what I've experienced, it dulls down the colours and the 100% cotton material really absorbs water too well.

This was coloured with Schmincke watercolours.

This was coloured with the new limited Winsor & Newton Desert Collection of watercolours. It's a predominantly warm set of colours that is very suitable for cafe sketching.

I applied the ink lines after the watercolours were added.

I've titled this piece "No inspiration at Oromo" because I had no inspiration of what to draw there. It turned out alright, I guess. Interesting thing to note is the two perspective planes for the table directly in front of me and the rest of the space.

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