21 June 2014

June Sketchwalk: Whampoa

USKSG - June Sketchwalk.

For the month of June, we will be having our sketchwalk at the old and beloved residential area of Whampoa! We will meet at 9.30 in the morning, at the eating place at Saint Michael BusTerminal (buses at this station: 21, 124, 125, 131, 186).

You may arrive earlier and have a bite to eat or sketch the place while you wait. The terminal itself is a landmark and icon. We will say hello before we depart and commence on our own sketch trails thereafter. After which, we shall meet for our customary show-and-tell in the afternoon at 12.30 under the shelter, located on the right of the basketball court at Whampoa Community Club.

Whampoa Community Club
Meeting place at Saint Michael's Bus Terminal (Red Circle) and Show-and-Tell at Whampoa CommunityClub (Blue Circle)
The area is a precinct located at Novena, Singapore and was named after Hoo Ah Kay, better known as "Whampoa" (due to his origin from China) during the early years of Singapore as a British settlement. His many contributions to the Straits Settlements, accompanied with the fact that he could speak both Chinese and English well thus made him an important bridge between the two communities. The respect for his contributions thus resulted in this area being named after him.

The area is mainly a residential area, consisting many blocks of the HDB flats, within the estates of Bahagia, Tenteram and the main one, Whampoa. Whampoa estate contains many of the primary amenities such as a wet market and a hawker centre,  a community club, a mosque and an NKF kidney dialysis centre. The Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal serves as the precinct’s principal transport hub, linking the area to the city and other precincts.

For recreation, there is the Whampoa Waterpark, which runs along Whampoa River and links the parks of Saint George’s Estate, Whampoa Estate and the Jalan Rajah Estate. In addition, there is a park, which used to extend from Whampoa to Saint George’s but was contracted in the mid-80s to accommodate the construction of the Central Expressway.

Saturday, 28 June, meeting at the eating place at Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal (red marker, see picture attachment below) at 9.30AM and ending at 12.30PM, at the shelter at Whampoa Community Club (blue marker).

There are neither fees nor attendance taken. While there is no coaching or teaching involved, all drawing-skill levels are welcome. This sketchwalk (like all sketchwalks) is open to everyone and anyone. All you have to do is show up on time.

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